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Indulge in East Singapore's Best Breakfast at Seng House

Situated in the East on the coast of Singapore, Seng House offers a delightful start to your day with breakfast dishes that reflect the city’s vibrant foodie culture. Our menu is an artful blend of Hainanese heritage, known for its rich culinary legacy and the hearty comforts of Western breakfasts. While the distinct taste and aromatic allure of Hainanese dishes whisk you away to nostalgic streets of yesteryears, our Western inspirations evoke the comforting embrace of a sunlit European café.

This harmonious fusion invites a journey of taste, starting from the warm, sweet notes of charcoal-grilled kaya toast in our Seng Breakfast Club, moving to the robust richness of our Dirty Steak Sandwich, and culminating in the familiar comfort of our Pancake Stack. Indulge in an unconventional breakfast experience that celebrates the best of East and West creations.

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Kickstart Your Day with Breakfast in the East

Perched along the coast, Seng House offers a fresh culinary experience every day. Begin your mornings in the East by immersing yourself in our handcrafted gourmet breakfast spread. Using only the freshest of ingredients, our chefs curate a breakfast menu tailored to diverse palates every morning. Indulge in our Pancake Stack if you're craving something sweet, or relish the flavours of our savoury Pork Swiss Sandwich if you want a meaty start. On the hunt for a light pastry? Our bakery's selection of brioche toast and croissants will delight your palate. Alternatively, kickstart your day with a nutritious boost of energy by opting for our Super Bowl açaí dish or Classic Caesar salad. 

For a truly indulgent breakfast affair, complement your main dish with our expansive assortment of morning beverages, crafted to enhance the flavours of your morning dish. Refresh your senses with our invigorating Kombucha, relish the revitalising Cold-Pressed Juices, or savour the aromatic delight of our Iced Teas, all elevating your morning experience. For the coffee aficionados, our specialty brews are a must-try, promising to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Sourced from some of Singapore’s best roasters, each brew has been chosen for its unique flavour profile. Our Cold Brew options, like the Secret White and Secret Black, offer a captivating balance of flavours - think chocolate notes merging seamlessly with hints of fruit.

For those who appreciate the nuances of filter coffee, our range offers a revelation of taste and aroma. Experience the citrusy flair of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the berry-rich taste of Kenya's Kiambu, or the fragrant notes of Costa Rica's Tarrazu. Each cup promises quality and a taste of the places they originate from. Start your morning on an enjoyable note, and coast by for brunch at our Tanjong Katong cafe.

Delight in Our Breakfast Signatures

Indulge in our signature breakfast dishes, each promising a symphony of flavours and echoing Singapore's rich culinary tapestry. Each creation meticulously marries time-honoured Hainanese traditions with contemporary Western influences. From the rich, smoky undertones in our Seng Breakfast Club dish to the sweet allure of the Pancake Stack, the hearty robustness of the Dirty Steak Sandwich, and the aromatic zest of the Yellow Curry Chicken Bowl, every dish is a testament to this fusion. Immerse yourself in a breakfast experience that's uniquely Seng House, where the past and present meld in delightful harmony.

  • Seng Breakfast Club: A seamless blend of breakfast worlds, witness Hainanese heritage converge beautifully with Western flair. The charcoal-grilled toast, with its irresistibly smoky scent, is exquisitely complemented by our velvety homemade kaya. Elements like luncheon meat and button mushrooms anchor the dish in East Asian heritage, but the selection of eggs offers a nod to Western breakfast classics, allowing a personalised touch. For those who cherish the nostalgia of Singaporean mornings, this dish offers a lovely fusion with a contemporary touch.
  • Pancake Stack: For those with a sweet tooth, our Pancake Stack is the epitome of a morning delight. Picture fluffy, airy pancakes layered with the sweet and tart bursts of blueberries, complemented by the caramel undertones of bananas. The drizzle of maple syrup ties the ensemble together, reflecting classic Western breakfast indulgence, while the texture and flavours brings to mind Hainanese-style sweet treats.
  • Dirty Steak Sandwich: Meat lovers, rejoice! Our steak sandwich seamlessly marries the Western adoration for a well-cooked steak and the Hainanese appreciation for robust, meaty flavours. A succulent 200g ribeye nestles within a soft brioche, accompanied by the peppery bite of arugula and the creaminess of cheddar. The crowning black pepper sauce is a nod to local Hainanese Western food stalls, offering a burst of heat that elevates every bite.
  • Yellow Curry Chicken Bowl: Envision the flavours of Hainanese chicken rice encapsulated in the embrace of a Western culinary tradition, and you have our curry chicken bread bowl. At the heart of the dish lies the sourdough bread bowl: boasting a crusty exterior, but soft within, cradling a rich, aromatic curry. Tender boneless chicken pieces mingle with the piquant warmth of the curry, complemented by crisp tofu puffs. Every bite offers a comforting medley of spice, succulent meat, and the chewy texture of sourdough. Perfect for those craving a heartwarming, flavourful start to their day.

The Seng House Experience

Step into Seng House and embrace a breakfast escapade on the coast of Singapore. Our dedication goes beyond satiating hunger; we aim to delight your senses and create memorable mornings. Whether you're seeking a peaceful solo breakfast, catching up with friends, or enjoying a family outing, our homely ambience in the East and thoughtfully curated breakfast menu cater to every preference. Be greeted by the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the mouthwatering taste of delectable food, and the comforting hum of conversations, for a truly delightful experience.

Feel at home in our inviting space, where 70s-inspired interiors meet modern charm, complete with the allure of green mosaic tiles. This unique blend sets the stage for a dining experience that's both nostalgic and contemporary. Whether you choose to savour your meal indoors, basking in the cosy atmosphere, or opt for the sun-kissed delights of our alfresco place, each bite becomes a journey into culinary bliss. 

And when it comes to our beloved four-legged companions, they're not just given a warm welcome – they're genuinely part of the celebration. Being a dog-friendly cafe in Singapore, we understand that your furry friends are cherished members of your family. Our alfresco space provides the perfect setting for you and your pet to relish in the beauty of the morning together. Share your breakfast hours with them and infuse an extra dose of joy into every moment.

Discover Our Breakfast Gem in the East

Ready to indulge in a one-of-a-kind breakfast experience in Singapore? Coast by our cafe in the East today, and embark on a gastronomic journey through the union of old and new, where traditional Hainanese flavours blend seamlessly with modern Western delights. Drop by our cosy 70s-inspired coffee place at 214 Tanjong Katong Road. We welcome you every day, from Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 8am and 10:30pm. For any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us via telephone at +65 9182 6388 or through email at


Conveniently located in Tanjong Katong, Seng House is just a short walk from CC8 Dakota Station - Exit A. If you're driving, parking is available beside the Caltex petrol station. Bus services 10, 31, 32, 40, 134, 135, and 197 also provide easy access to our cafe, with a bus stop located across from Tanjong Katong Girls’ School.

Want to secure the best seat? Reserve your table now on our website and step into a culinary experience that embraces both nostalgia and innovation today.

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